General terms and conditions

Winsalo Oy (Seller) is an international seller of antiques and collectibles.

The Seller reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions (“Terms”) without prior notice. The Terms shall apply when the customer accepts the amended Terms.

NOTICE. The Seller offers some of the listed items in its stores in Finland. In case of a double sale, the Seller reserves the right to cancel the sale and promptly reimburse the customer. The Seller is not responsible for any flaws or delays in the product that are caused by force majeure type of events.

Part I of the Terms

1. The applicable law

The online store operates under Finnish law.

The Finnish Commercial Law (Kauppalaki  355/83) applies to sales, excluding the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.

The Finnish Consumer Protection Act applies to sales to persons (excluding legal persons) residing inside the European Economic Area at the time of the purchase.

The translations of the abovementioned laws are found from the links below respectively:

2. Terms of delivery

The items shall be shipped only after the customer has paid the purchase price and all applicable costs relating to the sale in full.

The customer may choose shipment via post or collection.


All items shall shipped in registered mail. The applicable postage fee shall be added to the price of the item when checking out. Restrictions applied are listed below. The items will be shipped as parcel when the package weight excesses 250 g or the measurements of the shipment exceeds 250 mm x 400 mm 30 mm. 

The Seller shall ship the items within 1–5 workdays after the purchase. The Seller shall take appropriate and necessary care to ensure a prompt and undamaged shipment.

The product may be collected from the Seller on the following workday after the purchase. The place of collection shall be Winsalo Oy, Venestie 481, 38760 Venesjärvi, Finland unless otherwise stated in the item description. The item shall be picked within 2 (two) weeks of the purchase. After this period, the Seller shall no longer be liable for the item. The customer is liable for all the costs relating to the collection i.e. transport of the item. All furniture must be collected unless agreed otherwise.

If the customer chooses a method of shipment not listed in the Terms, the customer is liable for all costs of the Seller relating to the shipment.

3. Products  

All items will be sold in the condition described in the product description.

The Seller answers only for substantial flaws in the products that are not mentioned in the item description.

The Seller reserves the right to remove any item from the listing without prior notice.

4. Insurance

The customer may choose to insure any single item or a shipment of items with notice to the Seller prior to shipment. The customer may order a separate insurance for all delivered items.

5. Payment

The customer may choose an account transfer provided by Finqu Pay, PayPal payment, or cash payment at the time of the collection, when applicable. The Seller is not liable for any costs, delays or damages related to payments made via Finqu Pay or PayPal services.

6. Cancellation

The customer may return the item within 7 (seven) days of delivery.

The customer is liable for the appropriate packaging of the item and for any damage to the product after delivery and until the item is returned to the Seller. If the product is damaged while in the customer's possession The Seller may reduce the amount of the refund.

7. Customer registry

The Seller reserves the right to maintain a customer registry for the purposes of preserving customer relations and direct marketing. The Finnish Personal Data Act (523/99) applies to the registry maintenance.

The customer may erase personal information from the registry upon notice to the Seller.

8. Venue

All disputes relating to the Winsalo webstore and sales shall be settled in negotiations between the parties. In case the parties fail to settle the dispute in the negotiations, the dispute shall be settled in the Satakunta District Court.

Part II of the terms and conditions


This license applies to the licensing of Digital Photo Copies (‘DPC’) of documents and photos from the Winsalo Store. The licensee (‘User’) of this agreement shall have a global, royalty free right to use the DPC for private and commercial purposes and make copies of the DPC for a one-time fee described in the item description with the following restrictions (‘License’).

The original documents and photos shall remain the property of Winsalo Ltd. (‘Seller’) .The sale of physical copies of the DPC by the Seller shall not have any effect on the liabilities of the User or the Seller under this License. The DPCs are not brought into the public domain, nor shall the giving of this License bring the DPCs into the public domain, nor in any other way publicly available.

Publicly available shall mean, for the purposes of this License, e.g. uploading the original DPC to the Internet where it can be freely copied and recorded, o r any other similar practice, regardless of the method used, which leads to a similar result.

The Seller reserves all rights to further licensing of the DPCs.

This License applies to all photos and documents in the Winsalo Store’s DPC- category (name may vary) AND to all of the DPCs with these terms in the item description.


By purchasing this License the User shall be sent an original, un-watermarked, high-quality, all-including digital photocopy of the photo or document in JPG format of the DPC in the item description. Further conditions may be set in the product description.

The Seller guarantees that it shall not make the DPCs publicly available. If the Seller purposely brings the DPC’s publicly available the Seller shall return the fee paid for this License to the original Buyer on its demand.


The User shall have no right to license or sell the DPC or copies made of the DPC, regardless of format, or transfer this License to a third party (‘User Restriction’). The User Restriction shall concern original DPCs and copies of it, regardless of format, regardless of minor alteration. The User shall store the DPC appropriately to avoid the violation of the User Restriction. The User shall take all reasonable measures to ensure that the terms of this License are not violated and to seize a possible violation that has occurred (e.g. by removing a DPC that has been made available for the public).


The copyrights of the original documents or photos have been expired. The expiration of such rights shall have no effect on the binding of this License. The violation of the terms of this License shall result in a monetary compensation to the Seller (‘Compensation’). The Compensation shall be determined on a case-by-case analysis and the determination shall take into consideration the extent and the financial detriment to the Seller. The minimum Compensation for the Seller in case of making the DPC publicly available shall be ten times the fee of a single license for the DPC in question.

The User agrees to these terms by purchasing this License from the Winsalo Store and agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of the Winsalo Store where applicable.